MAP to Success

Do you have a MAP to success? Does it help guide your life? Linda Laitala’s proprietary tool ensures that you do have a personal MAP and that with faithful following, your MAP will help guide you to a better life. Its clear components are easy to follow; the results are richly rewarding. 

MAP features three segments:

M -- Mining your Past. Identify the strengths and challenges of your past to help understand the present.
A -- Assessing your Present. Reveal your current life, your strengths and your needs.
P -- Planning your Future. Use your historic strengths combined with your present life to develop a plan for a more rewarding future.

Studying your past helps you assess your current life and plan your future to live your newly envisioned life.

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“I find Raven Roundtables indispensable because I always get a variety of viewpoints on issues I’m facing. These insider insights from people in other businesses give me perspectives that I couldn’t see on my own—and they are extremely valuable to me and my business. Yet, they are often very different points of view than mine. The other thing I value so much are the close friendships I’ve formed with roundtable members. They are absolutely wonderful"
- Sue P