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Tap into the wisdom of those whose labors have yielded results.

People join a peer group because they want to connect with other smart people who will help them accomplish their goals. These mastermind-type groups are carefully crafted to bring people together from different industries and with different experiences. This produces outside-the-box thinking that makes individuals stand out and become more successful.

If you want a cookie-cutter approach to running your business or your profession or if you feel uncomfortable being a leader in your field, Raven Roundtables are not for you.

Raven Roundtable members

Raven Roundtable members include business owners and entrepreneurs as well as executive directors, general managers and presidents who don’t own the company but who run it. Anyone who has responsibility for the bottom line (or can write the check for their dues without asking for permission) would benefit as a member of a Raven Roundtable.

Inside Raven Roundtables

At each meeting one member gives a detailed presentation on his or her business and their M.A.P. Thereafter, he/she receives pointed, intelligent, outside-the-box feedback. In a group of ten, that intense review takes place once a year. 

In the rest of a typical session, the other members briefly discuss what’s going on in their businesses and their lives, whether it’s installing a new computer network, landing a new customer or getting married. 

But describing the mechanics of a session doesn’t do justice to what really goes on. The truth-telling. The tough love. The energy. The insights. The exquisite pain. The peer pressure. The camaraderie that develops among a group of very different individuals. 

We don’t want to sound too “New Age” about it, but these meetings are special. For many members, belonging to one is a transformational experience.

What Members Don’t Get and What They Do 

It’s worth noting what Raven Roundtables are not. 

Unlike some other organizations, it is not a vehicle for selling services or products. Also members have no obligations to the moderator and other members, except to honor the confidentiality of the meetings and to bring a focused mind and an eagerness to participate.

With us, what you see is what you get. And what you get can be summed up as vision, candor, insight and energy. For your business and your life. 

The MAP Process

Our peer groups are made up of eight to ten members. Equally important, the monthly sessions are led by a moderator skilled in using a proprietary structured process we call the MAP Process.

The moderator guides and challenges members to clarify business and personal goals, and to think through the ongoing means to attain them.

Because aspirations change over time, the strategies to achieve them also need to change. We excel at bringing those changes into focus for you.

Learn more about Raven Roundtables

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How do I join?

Roundtables are formed by a careful selection of professionals who bring expertise, professionalism and commitment to the table.  These people are also eager to benefit and learn from the others.

Roundtables meet in a variety of cities in central Minnesota. For an invitation to visit a Round Table, contact Linda Laitala at Raven Performance Group.

Raven Performance Group webinars are posted on our Events page and retreats are created specific for each customer. Contact Linda for a custom quote.


“This ad hoc Raven / Packard advisory board share their perspectives of my new and most vexing issues and keep me from reinventing the wheel. And most importantly, from making mistakes I might have made without this discipline. Working on my business is as important as working in my business (my first rule of business)..”
- Mike T


“It paid for itself the first time I brought a situation to my group and made a phone call at the break to address the problem.  I had well rounded, sound advice I could quickly take action with...”
- JoyGenea S